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Extensible Architecture

(pattern, :INDIVIDUAL)
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Build flexibility into the very nature of a system by basing it on well-defined interfaces and simple interactions.
Nooron benefits from the Extensible Architecture approach first by attempting to make as much of the system as possible be knowledge-based and then leveraging everything with a growing set of knowledge-based tools. For example, PyOKBC is the Python knowledge representation API (Application Programmer Interface) used by Nooron to talk to data and by the creators of 'garments' (Nooron Page Templates, nee Zope Page Templates) which portray and interact with content. PyOKBC was based on OKBC, the Open Knowledge-Base Connectivity API because OKBC was specifically designed to interact with diverse knowledge sources simultaneously, interactively and interoperably. Knowledge basees served by one machine from one kind of KRS (knowledge representation system) can do things like inherit from and transitively contain knowledge from other machines using other KRSes. The possibility of using PyOKBC backends to turn legacy datastores into knowledge stores is hence the fundamental mode of extensibility in Nooron. By using knowledge-based techniques to generate XML output, Nooron makes the generation of a vast range of useful portrayals of knowledge to be possible with a tremendous amount of generality, reusability and customizability. Reusability will be the reward of careful and diligent authors of NooronPageTemplates.
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